Fun & Creativity


We love engaging in all sort of 

artwork... painting, drawing, chalk, playdoh and more. 

We make crafts for holidays to take home to Mom and Dad! 


There is always music in our day, from playing the variety of musical instruments in our collection or listening and dancing to the children's audio CD's ... right up to the lullaby's the children drift off to sleep by. 


 Movement??  When is that not happening??  The children love to sing and dance ... during free choice play they are busy having tea parties, building houses and roads with blocks, putting puzzles together, reading, working with playdoh and drawing...the only time they are still is at nap! 


I teach a 2 themed curriculum during the school year. Each month a parent newsletter is sent home so you can be informed and involved in what your child is learning. The children have a large library of books to choose from during free choice time and we have story time together every day. 


 We learn our numbers and beginning math. We also have a variety of manipulatives available such as large and small building block, magnetic shapes and beads to strings.

Outside Play

Weather permitting, we are outside every day.  Our playground is large and completely fenced. We have slides, a playhouse, balls and riding toys to enjoy and help build large and small muscles. Outside play helps children develop physical dexterity and promotes good health. 

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